It’s not just about Lipstick…

It’s about feeling confident,

and creating a life that brings you joy.

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Safe, Anti-Aging Cosmetics

We care about the quality of the products you are using, which is why our products are:
  • not tested on animals
  • no animal by-products used
  • formulated with FDA approved ingredients
  • we use naturally reoccurring resouces (we won’t deplete the rain-forests)
  • gluten & GMO free (most products)
  • lead and wax free (LipSense®)
  • made in the USA

Why Wildflower Soul?

Beauty shouldn’t be confusing, overwhelming, comparative to others, or something you feel like you need to do for society.

Beauty is about knowing what is in your heart, being proud and confident in expressing those things, creating a life that you love, surrounding yourselves with those who bring out your best qualities, and a little bit of long lasting lipstick can be just the boost you need to put those wheels in motion,

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