How are You Transitioning?

1341528180862_8153549Here is one thing about life that is certain – it is bound to be constantly changing.

Now, I don’t know about you – but I know that I used to not be a big fan of change and uncertainty. The Type A in me loves to rear its head and get me to be in control of things.

As I have grown older and transitioned into new roles, I have come to accept the uncertainty and discomfort that comes with growth, and now I find myself seeking it out. I love finding new opportunities, from signing up to be a Lipsense distributor to volunteering with the Girl Guides.

When I made the choice to completely remove my last blog from the internet it was a decision that wasn’t made quickly. I felt like I had grown up there. For 7 years I occupied that space as a representation of me – from finding my confidence and my voice, to becoming an RN, to getting married and having my first child. It was a constant in my life.

I had moved away from writing there because I honestly didn’t feel like I had anything useful to contribute there anymore. My day-to-day life isn’t blog-worthy, and I had found the peace of mind that I was looking for when I first started writing there. It felt too presriptive – like I needed to churn out three valuable posts a week and that just wasn’t filling me up anymore.

So that brings us to here. I still craved that space where I could write, and not have to keep it within a certain number of characters. Facebook didn’t feel like the right place to do it, and neither did Instagram. One last transition into a place where I could share my thoughts when they arose, and on an array of topics from beauty to fitness to anything in between.

As I have grown I have found a few methods that help ease the discomfort of transition. Here are my top 3 tricks to feeling more comfortable when things care changing:

  1. YOGA – Nothing gets me feeling more present and centered than rolling out my yoga mat and connecting with my breath. One thing that I have learned in life – everyone needs to do more damn yoga.
  2. Reflection – This can go hand-in-hand with yoga, but can be separate as well. Journalling, list making, even just sitting quietly and reviewing whats on your mind can help you release any thoughts that are causing you tension and stress.
  3. Having a Vision – Do you know where your wanting to go? Do you know where this transition will take you? If you don’t have a clear vision it can be easy to resist change. Sit down and create a vision board, either physically or on Pinterest. Don’t think too much over it, just let your creativity flow. You already have all the answers you need – sometimes you just need to look inside to find them.

So to the people who read my first blog that are back, and to the people who didn’t even know I used to blog and are here – Welcome. I’m glad to have you here!

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