Why do you Need a Lipsense Oops! Remover?

One of the most common questions I get asked by people who are just starting out with Lipsense is “Do I really need the remover?” – FACT: I asked the exact same thing when I was buying my Starter Collection.

Once I started learning more about the ingredients and the science behind the products was that YES – you really do need the remover.

Here’s Why:

  • Formulated to gently remove the patented, long-lasting color technology of LipSense
  • Made of a combination of beneficial ingredients to protect skin with lifting color
  • Works as both an instant corrector or color un-binder
  • The ingredients that make up the Oops! Remover include Vitamin A, B, C, and E – so it helps to actually speed up cellular renewal on your lips, while providing antioxidants to prevent the effect of free radicals

If your using bold colours like Fly Girl or Purple Reign the Oops! becomes even more beneficial – make a mistake? Apply a bit of Oops! and wipe away with a Q-Tip. You can also use the Oops! Remover as a Primer before applying your colour – apply a small amount, rub your lips together and wipe off with a warm wash cloth. Dry your lips well and then apply your Lipsense Colour!

So do other things work to take the colour off? Yes – but they may not be beneficial to the sensitive skin on your lips. I’ve had a few people come back to me after not buying the Oops! complaining of skin irritation from the other products they were using to remove the colour and buy the Oops! at that time. Due to this it is my personal policy to ensure you have an Oops! remover if you are purchasing a colour and a gloss. I’d rather lose the sale and the customer than potentially set the customer up for a poor experience using Lipsense.

How to Use:

  1. Apply Oops! Remover generously all over lips. Wipe off Oops! wand before returning to the tube.
  2. Rub lips together.
  3. Let sit for 1-3 minutes (longer if the colour is freshly applied or bright).
  4. Using a warm wet washcloth gently rub the colour away.
  5. Repeat as necessary (usually just once)

Lipsense works best when the full collection is utilized as it is intended. And the best part? An Oops! Remover will last you a VERY long time! A little bit goes a long way. Want to save 10% on your next order? Join my VIP Beauty Bulletin.

Oops Remover


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