Stepping Into Leadership

I’ve always been intrigued by leadership and leadership roles. I often gravitated towards them during nursing school which lead me to being the Nursing Society Vice President and then President. After becoming a nurse I then was involved with my local Union on the Executive and I even served a term on the Provincial Council for my Regulatory Board. All of these experiences were rewarding, and really solidified the fact that I like being a leader, I liked considering all of the sides and making decisions, and I liked seeing things in the big picture. Its actually in my 5 year plan to move into a leadership related role in nursing, and to eventually pursue my Masters of Nursing with a leadership focus. So you could say things are getting pretty serious.

During my first maternity leave I decided to join a network marketing company. I had previously been involved with one, but it didn’t turn into anything more than me enjoying the discount. When I joined this company I dove right in and started to learn about Network Marketing/Direct Sales as a business model, as an industry, and the skills needed to build a successful organization. I enjoyed the products and the company I was with, and I enjoyed the mission I promoted, but I never quite felt like the return of my investment was there – I was putting in a LOT of time and effort and my pay cheques just never really grew beyond what they were initially.

My belief in the industry was steadfast, I knew it was a place where I could build my girl tribe, and I wanted so badly to build a team of like-minded women, to step into that leadership, and have it be a part of this aspect of my life as well. But a part of me always felt like I needed to *convince* people the products I was using would work for them – and frankly when it comes to health and fitness it takes time, commitment, and consistency, and that’s a really hard sell at almost $200 a pop.

Lipsense/SeneGence was a spur of the moment decision. I didn’t research the compensation plan before. I didn’t look into the company at all before I signed up. I hadn’t even tried the products. I thought – “Well, if all else fails I can always just cancel and sell everything off, no harm done.”

After quickly learning that not all compensation plans are created equally, and that the structure of the organization between different companies can lead to some people being unfairly compensated (in my opinion) – I quickly left my other network marketing company in favor of SeneGence because 1. It was way easier to understand and 2. You were fairly compensated for the work you did.

It’s been 15 months. Our team of ladies is officially at 75, and spans coast to coast and from all different age groups and walks of life. Lots of the women on our team are just in it for casual sales and for the discount – that is 100% OK. That was me in previous companies! It is nice to have that option – especially when you love a set of products.

But a good chunk of the women on our team are stepping into their own leadership roles. They are learning about the industry, growing their own teams of women, and setting goals and visions for their future.

On the leadership side of things I just get that gut-punch feeling like “How cool is that?” – How amazing is it to see these beautiful women growing and feeling confident and riding this network marketing roller coaster with me?

*THIS* is what I visioned – this team of powerhouse ladies, most of whom I had never met before this endeavor. Have I worked really fucking hard over the last 15 months? Absolutely. Non-Stop some (most) days. Late into the night. Sacrificing TV and relaxation time to respond to messages, plan training’s, host demos, meet new people, share Lipsense and SeneGence. Do I feel like the return of investment has been there this time around? Absolutely. I’m not in any way saying it’s been easy – it’s been a lot of work – both previously in my first endeavor with Network Marketing to learn the basics, and now into this one, but it has been 100% worth the effort. I never feel like I am convincing anyone, I am simply sharing both the business opportunity and the products. If you want either – cool, if you want neither – cool (but also your loss lol 🙂 #sorrynotsorry).

One of the coolest things about Network Marketing is the fact that you are the leader from day 1. It encourages you to find your leadership, grow your confidence, and most importantly – do things how you want to do them.

Not everyone starts out as a leader. While I have always gravitated towards it, I can tell you the “leader” I was in University was a whole lot different than the leader I am today. We do the best that we can until we know better, and then we do better. We don’t start out experts and we are never perfect. So if you have ever *thought* you could be a leader, or even if you HAVEN’T but you want to TRY – then I *know* that SeneGence is an amazing vehicle for that opportunity. Lets get you started.

This month SeneGence is offering a $55 Retail Product Credit when you sign up for $55 (plus taxes and shipping) – so it is basically free to join. Ask yourself – Are you living to your full potential right now? Are you growing? Developing new passions? Meeting new friends? Happy and fulfilled? Do you make enough money? If your completely satisfied in all of these areas – Becoming a distributor probably isn’t for you – and that’s OK – You can still be my customer. 😉 But if you’ve got the *niggling* that maybe this could be something for you – chances are it probably is – message me and lets chat.


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