Skin Care 101 – Part 2

Once you’ve got the Basics down – Cleanser, Moisturize, Repeat – it’s time to start adding in any elements you feel would benefit your skin.

From a sales point of view its important to really hear from the person purchasing what it is they feel their trouble areas are. I can’t look at your skin and decide for you – its personal preference, and we all have an idea about the things we would change if we could.

In this post I will touch on the additional treatments SeneGence offers. I personally, don’t use all of them because I don’t *need* all of them. I am all about finding out what you need and what you want and bringing you balance. It isn’t a 1-size fits all, which is one of the bonuses of using SeneGence.

Anti-Aging Products

Climate Control – The Queen of Anti-Aging Products, Climate Control is unique because of its dual delivery system, which keeps the two key ingredients (SenePlex® Complex and SelPlex Complex), inactive and separated into two parts until shaken and combined. SelPlex is a blend of specifically selected herbal oil extracts, mixed vitamins and Tocopherol that soothe the skin. SelPlex evenly delivers the purest of essential oils without emulsifiers (that can dilute the actives) into the deepest layers of the skin. Combined with SenePlex Complex™, the vitamin enhanced anti-aging and moisturizing properties are in fresh form for enhanced results. Think of it as moisture and active ingredients in the purest of forms – so small molecularly, they provide the deepest and most effective hydration to your skin and are formulated for all skin types. Use before applying Daytime or Evening Moisturizers for the greatest benefit. Use in conjunction with SeneSerum-C.

SeneSerum-C – SeneSerum-C is a 100% natural formulation, made of the most advanced anti-aging ingredients, including pure stabilized Vitamin C and luxurious, hydrating C-Beads. Designed to protect all skin types from environmental pollutants, it works to repair damaged skin cells and helps to shield skin from future damage. Skin will appear healthier, firmer and younger looking with regular use. So light, it can be used day and night, under moisturizers. Use in conjunction with Climate Control.

Collagen Night Pak –  Formulated with rich, natural, plant-based marine collagen that will help to improve skin regeneration, help stabilize and maintain moisture levels throughout the night, and help to rebuild the skin’s collagen matrix during sleep. Collagen Night Pak can aid in delaying the skin’s aging process by intensifying skin’s elasticity and working to visibly decrease wrinkles. Your skin naturally loses moisture during the sleeping process, and can even become damaged and wrinkled by your pillow. When gently mixed with any formula of SeneDerm® Evening Moisturizer, Collagen Night Pak creates a cushion like buffer that helps decrease folds in skin caused by surface pressures. It also acts as a light mask to prevent the loss of beneficial ingredients of the moisturizers you apply each night. Night Pak actually helps rebuild and strengthen your skin’s natural collagen matrix to reveal healthy, younger looking skin upon waking. Two separate phases of cream and gel give maximum efficiency and efficacy. SenePlex+ is now visibly seen as a spiral matrix with the mineral portions of SenePlex Complex™ Plus seen as gold specs. The blue gel contains natural components, which synergic operation answers the requirements of mature skin with propensity for loss of elasticity. Collagen Night Pak protects from aggressive influence of external factors (free radicals), and offers skin’s cells revitalization and nutrition.

Hydrating Facial Mist – After cleansing, skin can be dry and resistant to allowing moisture to penetrate or be absorbed. Hydrating Facial Serum Mist helps your skin pull in and lock in moisture from the surrounding air and from your SeneDerm moisturizers that follow in application. This facial mist helps you get the most out of your morning and evening skin care routine by pulling moisture in and helping to keep skin hydrated. Additionally, throughout your busy day, skin is exposed to stresses such as dehydration, dry weather conditions and free radicals. This fine, quick drying mist can be spritzed under or over your makeup and is packed with hydrating ingredients like Apple and Kale extract to soothe, moisturize, and help boost skin’s radiance. Powerful Hydromanil Complex helps to pull moisture into skin and lock it in for lasting skin benefits.


Anti-Wrinkle Treatment – Anti-Wrinkle Treatment contains a combination of ingredients shown to reduce light and medium wrinkle depth an average of 34% (up to 63% in some cases) after 4 weeks of treatment. Anti-Wrinkle Treatment is formulated with a “Calming Complex” of peptides and unique, natural ingredients acting synergistically together to calm muscle action by easing the activity of certain innervating neurone, thereby significantly reducing the intensity of frown and wrinkle lines. Another natural ingredient causes relaxation of the muscle contraction in the area where Anti-Wrinkle Treatment is applied.

Dark Circle Under Eye Treatment – Dark Circle Eye Treatment helps reduce Dark Circles by 122%! Tests also reveal a significant reduction of edema (swelling caused by fluid often creating under eye puffiness). The combination of ingredients Pfaffia Paniculata (Suma) Root Extract and Ptychopentalum Olaciodes (Muira Puama) Bark/Stem Extract along with Lilium Candidum (Lilly) Flower Extract, creates the most complete and scientifically based dermocosmetic treatment of imperfections, especially dark circles, edema and under eye puffiness.

Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment – SeneDerm Solutions Brightening Multi-Vitamin Treatment is a powerful, multi-benefit skin care product with clinically proven ingredients that target and help to correct damage (dark spots) and visible signs of aging caused by age, environmental factors, such as UV, pollution, acne scars, as well as skin pigmentation change. The treatment contains a high level of two forms of stabilized Vitamin C to support collagen synthesis and skin brightening, as well as Vitamin A for firmness and lightening, Vitamin B3 to reduce redness and uneven skin tone, and Vitamin E for moisture and free radical protection. Effective anti-aging ingredients like CoEnzyme Q10 and Sodium Hyaluronate provide even more anti-aging protection and hydration, while effective peptides improve skin elasticity and decrease wrinkles.


It’s a good idea to exfoliate your skin regularly. While the 3-in-1 Cleanser does do a daily exfoliation of the skin, a deeper exfoliation 1-2 times a week can help slough off dead cells leaving your skin glowing and soft.

Facial Resurfacer – As we age, our skin cycle slows down and natural exfoliation doesn’t occur as often as it does in youth. This effective facial buffer is just what you need to speed up cell turnover and reveal new skin. This proprietary formula contains particles of natural Vanuatu Volcanic Ash excavated from a specific area of Mt. Yasur, the active volcano of Vanuatu. When analyzed, the ash particles were shown to contain over 70% titanium and 30% iron, magnesium and calcium. This is a perfect combination for exfoliating skin without irritating it, making this product an ideal alternative to harsh microdermabrasion treatments. This formula offers more powerful exfoliation than SeneDerm® Solutions Polishing Exfoliator. Like Polishing Exfoliator, Facial Resurfacer also contains SenePlex Complex™ to speed cellular renewal and Nangai Oil to moisturize your skin.

Polishing Exfoliator – Polishing Exfoliator uses the same Vanuatu Volcanic Ash in Facial Resurfacer, but it is very finely ground into a fine powder. This powder is dispensed within the product and is used as an effective skin polisher. Polishing Exfoliator also contains SenePlex Complex™ which helps increase cellular renewal, and Nangai Oil for pure moisture.

One thing that I love about SeneGence is their commitment to products that work. They don’t create anything that doesn’t solve a common problem experienced by their target market. As with everything else – there is the satisfaction guarantee as well – so you can rest assured that if you try out a product and don’t feel like you are getting the results you want you can always exchange or get a refund (minus a 10% restocking fee).

In Part 3 I will break it down for you further – I’ll go over my Skin Care Routine so that you can get an idea for how long the products last based on use!

Let me know your thoughts below – what is a concern you have with your skin?


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