FREE Sign Ups – What does that mean?

I’ve been getting a lot of questions about the amazing promotion from SeneGence this month – so I wanted to go through everything in one place and review the most frequently asked questions and important information!

Typically when you sign up to sell Lipsense/SeneGence Products it costs $55 plus tax and shipping. You get sent a large Welcome Package that includes some promotional and training materials to start your business. That fee becomes a yearly fee – similar to a Costco Membership. You are able to purchase the products at a wholesale discount that starts at 20% off, up to 50% off depending on your order size.

This month the $55 fee is waived. You won’t be mailed your “Welcome Package” until you place your first order, so there is no shipping charges either. After you sign up you have access to purchase the products at the wholesale discount. This month you also will get a free Lipsense Collection (Luv It Lipsense, Diamond Kiss Gloss, Oops! Remover) when you place a 100PV order.

What is PV?

PV stands for “Point Value.” Each item is assigned a PV value – which is a little less than half the Retail Price. For example – a Colour retails for $30 in Canada and has an associated PV of 12.5. A Gloss retails for $25 and has a PV of 10.

How much do I have to order? Are there monthly minimums?

That is totally up to you! Once you sign up you have 6 months to place a 100PV order. It is cumulative so you can place a few smaller orders to reach 100PV as well. Once you’ve hit 100PV it resets for another 6 months, at which point you have to hit 100PV again.

Basically there are no month-to-month minimums, but as a whole you need to be placing a 100PV order every 6 months (which would be 8 colours for example). If you don’t reach this 6 month minimum you go from “active” to “inactive” – and you are able to sign up again in the future when you pay the $55 sign up fee.

What are the Risks?

I had researched a LOT of different Network Marketing/Direct Sales Companies before I signed up for SeneGence. One of the things that drew me to the company was the satisfaction guarantee and the fact that I could cancel without any fees and sell my product back to the company for 90% of what I paid if I decided to quit. It helped me to be able to commit fully because I felt they really cared about the quality of products they offer. I personally feel that there are NO risks with signing up for free. There are NO hidden fees or anything that will be autoshipped to you.

That being said I do think this offer is better suited to those who want to be purchasing the skincare and other cosmetics as well like powders and foundations. This is because of the shipping costs. For customers that are just ordering Lipsense or Shadowsense it doesn’t make as much sense because shipping from the SeneGence Warehouse is $15 minimum. If you are purchasing oversized items it makes sense because you would have to pay that to ship from a distributor as well, but with shipping from the warehouse you are also getting the discount. If you only order small stuff or very small orders you are giving away your discount in lieu of the shipping costs they charge. SeneGence does ship with FedEx (or Purolator if your rural) so it ships SUPER fast. If I place an order on Tuesday I likely will get it by Friday! I love the fast shipping from the company – it is worth the price we pay.

Why should I sign up?

  • 20-50% off your purchases
  • Ability to sell casually to friends and family, use the discount for just yourself, or build a business and earn a residual income each month based on your efforts.
  • Generous compensation plan – the best one I have seen from the companies I have researched.
  • Products that work – they do what they say they are going to do, they use the best mix of science and natural products that deliver clinically proved results.
  • It’s free – Your saving yourself $55! If you’ve wanted to sign up you can just do it now and if it doesn’t work out you’ve not lost any money.
  • The best sisterhood around.
  • Ability to earn incentive trips, a car, and freebies from SeneGence.
  • Its so freaking fun!

Why should I sign up with you?

The Wildflower Ladies is THE place to be. We have an entire training group dedicated to helping you build the best business for your lifestyle. I have a proven track record of success within my own business and if you follow the methods I have used to build my business you can create that success for your business too. Don’t want to build an empire or a booming buisness? You won’t EVER be pressured to order or do more than YOU want to do. I want to support you and whatever goals you have.

Have more questions? Comment them below! Ready to get started? Click HERE and enter 319677 as the Distributor ID to sign up, or reach out to me by email or FB message.


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