Winter Skin Care vs. Summer Skin Care

I know… I know… the title and focus of this blog post kinda-sorta sucks because it reinforces that we are actually in Fall and on our way to Winter. I wanted to take a moment to address a sometimes overlooked opinion on skin care. Summer vs. Winter – do the seasons impact your skin?


Just as your body needs different clothing to protect it against the changing weather, your skin needs a different skin care regime to properly protect it from the elements. As the body’s largest organ, skin is far more delicate than you probably realize.

Winter months generally are colder and drier than summer months when heat and humidity levels are up. When skin is exposed to the harsh winter weather (especially in Canada!), it takes a beating, becoming dry, irritated and chapped. Clothing protects *most* skin, but we often fail to protect our faces. Moving indoors isn’t any better. Constantly running heaters and dehumidifiers sap every bit of moisture from the air.

During the summer, temperatures warm and more skin becomes exposed to the elements. Higher temperatures and humidity levels increase the amount of sweat the body produces in an attempt to cool off. As an unintentional consequence, skin becomes oilier and more prone to pimples and other irritation. Swimming is a great way to cool off; however exposure to harsh pool chemicals and salt water can lead to excessive dryness.

There are steps you can take to ensure that whatever season you are in you are taking the best possible care of your skin.

Here are some tips for your Winter Skin Care Routine:

  • SUNSCREEN – you’re just as likely to sunburn in the winter as you are in summer. Apply a sunscreen, moisturizer or makeup with a minimum SPF of 15 (like the SeneGence Daytime Moisturizer, Colour Correcting Tinted Moisturizer or Foundation).
  • Be sure to protect lips by wearing Lipsense or Lip Balm. Stop licking your lips!
  • Moisturize. Add moisture to inside air by turning on a humidifier. If you don’t have one, place a pan of water near a radiator or heat source. Plants help moisturize the air. Add moisture to your body by using the SeneGence Hydrating Body Lotion!
  • Take shorter, warmer showers and baths. Hot water strips away natural oils as does staying submerged in water.
  • Reduce the number of times you apply toner after cleansing and use toners with no or low alcohol levels. Gently exfoliate using a washcloth or scrub to remove dead skin cells and stimulate skin. I recommend using the 3-in-1 Cleanser which tones, exfoliates and cleanses all in one, and exfoliating with either the Polishing Exfoliator or Facial Resurfacer.

My biggest recommendation – Play around with it! You might not get it right the first few weeks – pay attention to how your skin is feeling and looking and then make adjustments as necessary. It might change year to year, and it’ll definitely change season to season, but by being mindful of what you’re doing with your skin will make all the difference in how you care for it!


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